Niels Christian Laursen

I love the internet. That's the easy way to say it. And this is why I work as a digital project manager.

I love the internet!

I love the internet, everything digital and the interconnectivity between humans and organizations. As a digital project manager I love to use data and user insights to create the best online experiences. With digitalization and organizational change as my specialty, I have the necessary professional and academic skills. I embrace the large and minor details and factors when it comes to digital projects. For me the most important factors are technologies, organization and humans. With proper planning and flexibility, it is possible to create a positive experience between brand and user.

We are digital

It is easy to say “we are digital”. However, there is a long and bumpy road from thought to action. It does require big words on a whiteboard and a piece of paper. However, action and execution are even more important to succeed. Continuous follow-up and evaluations are the important part of the process towards becoming truly digital. Without these, we will not be digital. This is why I embrace data.

Data gives us valuable insights into users, problems and more. If we use them smart – they make us and our digital projects better.

Master thesis on digitalisation and project management

Master thesis

My Master thesis on project management, digitalisation and change management in public digitalisation projects

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My writings

My blog about project management, UX, analytics and digital marketing. I write about my projects, findings and ideas within a digital context.

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